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Renee Paser-Paul

Soaring Pathways
Medina, New York
Renee is a professional facilitator, trainer and speaker, with a Master's Degree in Adult Learning. She has been attending CPSI continuously since 1999 and has been part of the YouthWise faculty since 2005 and has also led a number of general sessions. CPSI was instrumental in Renee’s recovery from severe trauma. Among Renee’s creative pursuits is dance. Depending on her mood or need, she will bust out tap shoes, jazz shoes, or sometimes no shoes at all. She even once performed as a "Surfer Girl" with the Beach Boys, in front of 46 thousand fans. She also enjoys “CPW: creative problem walking.” She has found the answer to a lot of problems while taking walks and talking to herself (and occasionally others.) Being with people who see a world filled with possibilities is Renee’s favorite thing about CPSI.