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Katie Garry

GREY Midwest
Creative Director
Katie is a Creative Director at GREY Midwest, and the owner of kg creative, llc, a bespoke Creative Marketing Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her copywriting and creative director experience spans industries but always tells a rich consumer story. She’s worked with the likes of small-town startups to Fortune 500s and in the worlds of beauty, CPG, fintech, food and beverage, pet food, health care, and hospitality, among others.

Katie uses CPS daily in her personal life and her business life. As a facilitator, CPS is one of the biggest tools in her toolbox. Stem starters are crucial in opening the doors of wonder, and Katie uses them with her clients and with members of her family alike.

She's presented and led sessions at the Creative Problem Solvers Institute (CPSI), Mindcamp Southwest and Florida Creativity Weekend. Katie brings concepts from Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking and Improv into her project work to develop robust language that best communicates the core of a brand while connecting with the heart and mind of its consumers. She always looks forward to coming back to CPSI. This conference fills her cup and feeds her soul. Not to mention, she has made some of the best work friends and most playful professional connections while attending.