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Frank Prince, author, management consultant and adventurer, made a complete career shift in the early 80’s when exposed to the power of NLP, Hypnosis and Creative Problem Solving as a part of his job working at Frito Lay. After nine years of successfully applying these tools to drive over $500 million to the bottom line through innovation, Frank left to become an independent “consultant”. He has now spent over 30 years working independently using creative thinking processes to tap into the minds of business people focusing them on innovation and profitability. His published hypnosis audio series, “Speed Sleep” and “Speed Sleep II” have sold over 300,000 downloads and helps individuals improve their creativity, problem solving skills, sleep quality and gain healthy eating habits. Frank also spent three years with Golf Magazine researching the mental side of golf and developed a hypnosis training program titled “Thought Free Golf”. Frank has attended CPSI since 1985 as both a leader and learner every year. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Creative Education Foundation.  For the last two years Frank has focused on the power of stage hypnosis and is mentoring under two outstanding stage hypnotists. In addition to hypnotism, he is a practicing Mentalist and is currently bringing together innovation and hypnosis as an evolved form of brainstorming called Hypnovation.

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Monday, June 27

1:30pm EDT