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Dominic Kalms

Founder and CEO
Dominic Kalms is a multi-venture backed entrepreneur and philanthropist with an expertise in Financial Technology (FinTech), Nonprofits, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), and digital fundraising. He has raised over $120M in venture and philanthropic capital during his career and has been featured in an array of media publications (e.g. NBC, Forbes, CBS, Entrepreneur, BBC, Yahoo etc.) where he discusses philanthropy and impact. He was most recently profiled on the front page of Entrepreneur.com, as well as in the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy web series, and he recently guest lectured a course on Philanthropy at MIT. His latest opinion piece on corporate giving can be found on Forbes.com.  Dominic is a well-known public speaker and has spoken at many global forums on philanthropy (e.g. Nexus Global Summit, Global Citizen Forum, United Nations NOVUS conference, Social Enterprise Summit, TechCrunch’s Global Ventures Summit, Capital One Stories of Impact, TEDx, Paradigm Talks, Context Family Office Conference etc.).

Dominic is Founder/CEO of a new venture-backed FinTech company B Generous, which is revolutionizing how people donate to nonprofits through the advent of the first ever philanthropic credit product. B Generous is backed by some of the top VCs, Banks, and institutional investors in the US. BGenerous is a cutting edge donation product which will allow individuals to donate more to the nonprofit organizations they care about with the backing of financial institutions. Dominic is passionate about using financial technology for good and through BGenerous is leveraging his considerable fin tech and philanthropic experience to do just that.