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Jimmy Juste

Innerve Consulting
Founder of Innerve Consulting
I am always looking for new spaces to ask hard questions and cause a bit of a ruckus. I have had the privilege of being welcomed into Montessori spaces for nine years and am grateful for the opportunity to disrupt and transform its culture through consulting for diversity, equity, inclusion, and creative thinking. I served as the founding Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Inly School in 2015, where I fostered a knack for facilitating authentic and audacious conversation. While working for YW Boston’s InclusionBoston, whose work is to dismantle racism and empower women through innovative approaches to organizational change work and DEI and began putting wheels on the idea of Innerve Consulting. My years as a performance artist, actor, background vocalist, and writer taught me how to leverage deep and audacious relationships towards effective change. As a consultant and facilitator, I have worked with over 30 organizations. Some include Harvard Business School Initiatives, Boston Preservation Alliance, Boston Public Library, NESN, Boston Planning and Development Agency, Boston Lyric Opera, Lynch Foundation, Old Colony YMCA, The Trustees Reservation, and many more.