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Alexandra Suarez-Carlo

Lateral Strategy
San Juan, PR United States

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Alexandra Suarez graduated from Cornell University and pursued an MBA in consumer behavior from ESADE Barcelona. She lived in New York, Spain, and South Africa and traveled to more than 40 countries before moving back to Puerto Rico to work in consumer research, strategic planning, and advertising. Suarez has spent most of her career questioning irregularities, challenging people, connecting dots, and synthesizing information to inspire creativity and stimulate actions that allow businesses to innovate. She is truly passionate and approaches every project with the desire to change the world. Suarez uses her creative, multicultural background to bring unconventional thinking, leadership and creativity that are always at the core of successful brands. As a brand strategist, she analyzes and dissects issues to unearth the barriers the strategy needs to solve. As a communication/advertising strategist, she conceptualizes all the brand and consumer knowledge to synthesize it in a way that inspires. Suarez is all about creativity with a purpose.